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Sloffie Sleepboot heeft het niet naar zijn zin in de speelgoedwinkel. Zelfs de badkuip en de rivier zijn niet groot genoeg voor hem. Hij beleeft allerlei avonturen en begint toch weer te verlangen naar de kleine badkuip.

Auteur: Gertrude Crampton | Illustrator: Tibor Gergely

Scuffy is a toy tugboat who wishes for "bigger things" than sailing in the bathtub. The Man with the Polkadot Tie (who owns a toy store) and his son take Scuffy to a small brook in a pasture, and soon the current carries him away. At first Scuffy is pleased. The brook grows into a stream which turns into a small river and finally a larger river. Scuffy is overwhelmed by the sheer size of things around him. As he is just about to sail off into the endless ocean, he is rescued by the man and his boy and returned to the bathtub where Scuffy is now content to remain.

Published in 1946 as a little golden book.

Dit boekje kan je ook vinden op streaming services als Spotify en iTunes.

Sloffie sleepboot Hardcover | Rubinstein b.v.
ISBN: 9789054449027 | € 7.99